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Cat Volunteer Questionnaire

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Under 18
18 to 24
25 to 44
45 to 64
GROOMING: I am a licensed groomer, or studying to become a groomer, and I would love to give my time and experience to a Noah's Ark Society cat to help him or her look their best. I know how to prope
TRANSPORT: I have a car and can assist with taking cats to veterinary appointments, pick up from animal control facilities, delivering to foster homes, or to events.
TRAINING: I am an experienced cat trainer and would like to help cats in the program with anything from basic obedience to skilled training such as search and rescue, agility, and flyball, or simply b
EVENT STAFF: I love cats, but only have occasional time to give to rescue. I'd like to volunteer at adoption events and walk cats, or just be around them and help raise money for rescue.
PHOTOGRAPHER: I have a camera or video camera that takes high quality photos and would like to help cats find homes by taking still photos or video. I may be able to coordinate with a rescue trainer
FOSTER HOME COORDINATOR: I'm not ready to foster a cat myself, but I would love to work with the foster homes that Noah's Ark Society already has. I can check in with them weekly by phone or email t
ADOPTION COORDINATOR: I don't have time to be hands on with the cats, but I can help with adoption from my computer by processing adoption applications to help cats find their right home.
SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANT: I love to be online, and am great with spelling and grammar. I can commit to posting on either Facebook or Twitter once a day about a Noah's Ark Society cat that is waiting fo
Less than 10
10 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 100
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