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Horse Volunteer Questionnaire

// (mm/dd/yyyy)
Under 18
19 to 24
25 to 44
45 to 65
GROOMING: I am comfortable around horses of various temperments and know how to handle horses safely. I would like to spend time with them brushing, cleaning hooves, bathing, and simply interacting o
TRAINING: I am an experienced horseman or horsewoman and would like to do ground work with rescued horses and potentially train them to succeed under saddle.
MAINTENANCE: I am experienced with horses and farm work, and just want to help anyway I can. Putting up hay and helping with fence repairs in a team environment sounds like a great way to spend a day
PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER: I have a camera or video camera that takes high quality photos and would like to help horses find homes by taking still photos or video. I may be able to coordinate with a
WRANGLER: I'm not ready to train a horse myself, but want to watch and learn. I can help a trainer with a training session to either simply watch and be present for safety reasons, help keep tack org
ADOPTION PLACEMENT: Adoption Placement: I don't have time to be hands on with the horses, but I can help with adoption from my computer by processing adoption applications to help horses find their ri
Less than 10
10 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 100
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