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YOUR generous donation helps us give all animals a second chance. Every day more than 4,000 rescue eligible pets are put down in America’s shelters, simply because they do not have a home. This number is down from 7,000 since 2011 because of people like YOU who have an innate desire to help those in need. TOGETHER, we can bring that number to zero!

Last year we were able to rescue 170 animals --170 animals who would have otherwise suffered or died. The truth is, though, we had the opportunity to save 500 animals. With YOUR help the possibilities are ENDLESS.



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Our mission is to rescue, educate, rehabilitate and love all animals that come to us in need here in Middle Tennessee.  We will offer pet placement programs, as well as educate this generation and future generation about spay and neutering necessity, to offer wildlife rehabilitation and reintroduction, and to be a voice in animal cruelty legislation.

Noah’s Ark Society will speak for the voiceless…the cast-offs of human society.